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conversion from old pcad8.7 to gerber+drill

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Iman Teguh Просмотров темы: 2214       29.07.2016 02:48 [Ответить]

i have an old pcb format and want to make it, but nobody want to accepted except use gerber, how to convert it ?

many software i do try but still no luck

Hi Iman  K_AV  [29.07.16 10:48]
Iman, I am sorry  K_AV  [29.07.16 10:57]
Export PCAD to Gerber&Drill  Sux_V  [30.07.16 03:29]

Hi Iman  K_AV 29.07.2016 10:48  [Вверх] [Ответить]
Hi Iman,
I think it isn't useful place for discussion in English, but I hope somebody could help you. I can't because of never used that old PCAD version. Your problem isn't "conversion", it is just final stage of project - getting output data from project for PCB manufacturing.
For getting help, first of all you need to put your project here. Make archive with project inside and attach it to your next message. See attach form in a bottom of page while write message: point a file with archive ("Выберите файл") and put some description for it in field below. Pay attention please - description field have to be filled, in another case attachment will be lost without additional warnings. It is feature here.

Народ, иностранец из Индонезии просит помочь получить выходные данные для производства платы (гербер и сверление) для старого проекта, выполненного в PCAD 8.7. Надеюсь, поймет как прицепить данные к следующему сообщению.

Iman, I am sorry  K_AV 29.07.2016 10:57  [Вверх] [Ответить]
I wasn't definite. Archive with your project needed if somebody will be ready to do this job by himself for you. If you don't want to put project here, you could just wait if somebody explain you what to do in your side.

Export PCAD to Gerber&Drill  Sux_V 30.07.2016 03:29  [Вверх] [Ответить]
Hi, Iman!

It isn't clear from your post, whether you've got PCAD8.7 installed on your computer or not. If so, all PCAD old versions had got their embedded Utilities for export PCB data. They were called PC-PHOTO and PC-DRILL. Just load them and have luck.
If you have got only PCB files, but not the entire PCAD8.7, you may convert your files to P-CAD 2000-2006 format (just open 8.7 files) and then use menu commands File>Export>Gerber and File>Export>NC-Drill and follow the procedures suggested.
You may also convert your files to PDIF format (if PCAD8.7 installed) and then import PDIF files to P-CAD 2000-2006 or Altium Designer 14 or higher.
As to other software, I haven't got experience.

Best wishes for You!